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This page is intended to provide guidance for groups of students looking to rent property through Just Lets. If you wish to clarify anything please contact us.

Criteria for letting to Students

  • You must provide a Guarantor who owns property in England or Wales
  • You must have no adverse reference from current landlord, if applicable
  • If a Guarantor cannot be found, subject to landlord approval, we would take all the rent in advance for the whole contract

The Rental Process

  1. Reserve Property
    • Decide how many people are in your group (and preferably any other criteria, e.g. location)
    • Look at our property list and see what catches your eye
    • Contact us for a viewing – 01273 208020 or lets@justlets.co.uk
    • To reserve the property, a one week's holding deposit is payable
  2. Paperwork
    • You will be emailed an application form plus guarantee agreement
    • These must be returned without delay, so that we can start referencing in good time
  3. Move In
    • As our contracts are joint contracts, every tenant must have signed before anyone can move in
    • You will need to pay the move in money on or before the day in cleared funds

Useful Information

Tenancy Agreement

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and tenant that sets out both the legal and contractual responsibilities and obligations of the two parties. Just Lets provide an “Assured Shorthold” (an AST) under the 1988 Housing Act (amended 1996).

Joint And Several – What Does That Mean ?

Where there is to be more than one (adult) person living in the property, the tenancy will say they are “jointly and severally” responsible. This expression means that, jointly, the tenants are liable for the payment of all rents and all liabilities falling upon the tenants during the tenancy, as well as any breach of the Agreement. Individually each tenant is responsible for payment of all rent and all liabilities falling upon the tenant, as well as any breach of the Agreement until all payments have been made in full.

The Tenancy Deposit

Just Lets require a deposit of five week's rent, which is held during the tenancy against the satisfactory performance by the tenant of all the various obligations under the tenancy agreement – but mainly, those relating to the cleanliness and condition of the property.

Access To The Property & Maintenance Issues

Just Lets carry out standard management inspections of all properties every 6 months to assess its condition and to carry out necessary repairs or maintenance. We will give tenants at least 24 hours prior notice in writing (except in an emergency) of such a visit.

A tenant has an implied covenant to act in a “tenant-like manner”. Broadly, this means to report disrepair promptly; to take reasonable steps to ensure that neither the tenant nor guests damage the property, its fixtures and fittings; to do the minor day to day things any home-occupier would normally do e.g. replace light bulbs, fit a new battery in a smoke or CO2 detector, tighten an odd screw which has come loose on a door handle etc.; to keep the property reasonably warm and aired to help prevent condensation or freezing of pipes; to leave the property secure when absent from it; to keep the garden and other areas reasonably tidy and free from rubbish.

Contract Signing

Nobody can move into the property until every tenant has signed the contract. 

The following is an example of monies payable to Just Lets:

One Week's Holding Fee *


Payable Immediately

First Month's Rent


Payable on or before day of signing

Balance of Deposit


Payable on or before day of signing

Less already paid



Balance to pay


Payable on or before day of signing

* Forms part of the deposit (Please be advised the First Month's Rent & Deposit are example figures only)

All tenants are responsible for insuring any of their own possessions and any furniture provided by the landlord. There are various specialist insurance products designed for tenants and rented property. We strongly recommend having adequate insurance from day 1.